Backroads Lumber

"The forests are dying, the rivers are dying, and we are called to act. To return Earth to harmony is to restore the harmonious principals within ourselves and to act as responsible caretakers-to save the forests and the waters for the future generations."

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Building Green

To "Build Green" is to be conscious of the impact that a construction project has on the environment. This includes all phases of the project beginning with the fabrication of the materials used, the life of the building, and the eventual impact of the remaining materials after demolition. It is also important to consider the impact the materials used will have on its occupants and how much energy the building will impact its design and placement.

Buildings are rarely fully "green" but with a conscious effort and research, a project can go a long way to having a lessened impact on the world around us.

At Back Roads Lumber, we focus on the use of reclaimed lumber as a great way to save our precious forests and reutilize a product that is unique and absolutely beautiful.


Let us understand that we have a very important job to do. We have the choice to control our impact on our Earth and make it a better place to live for ourselves and for future generations. What better place to start than the true lifeblood of the Earth, the forests and the trees. Each year millions of trees are destroyed for a man's "benefit". How selfish of us to think that they are for the taking and that there is no price to pay. Truly there is a large price to pay; we are just too selfish to notice. Please take a stand, make a difference to adjust mankind's consumption patterns. Recycle, Re-use and save a tree!