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Barns & Cabins


Back Roads Lumber is proud to carry on the history of century old barn structures and bring them back to life with the help of our customers. Barns link the past with the present and leave us with a lasting image of what it was like at the turn of the century in rural America. These structures evoke tradition, closeness to the land and a sense of community among the people who built them.

These barns were built by the hands of men and assembled with the help of ropes and pulleys. With the aid of horse and oxen, crews would hoist 1000 lb beams three stories high while gently fitting these massive structures together. Wooded pegs were used to attach the beams and secure the entire barn structure.

Barns were typically the focal point of a homestead. They were used to house their livestock, process and store grain, as well as their agricultural equipment. They were built to withstand the elements and protect from the cold winters of the Midwest. They were built to last.

Back Roads Lumber hopes that the great American barn will remain an icon of the Midwest. We applaud the owners who take the effort, time and expense to preserve these buildings. For those barns that cannot be preserved, we urge the owners to realize that the salvaged materials can be put to good use once again.

We Buy Barns

Once in a while, a barn that is still in very good condition will need to be removed. Back Roads Lumber is often able to a find a new home for these majestic structures. It is a major effort to disassemble, ship and reassemble this type of structure but the end result is gratifying for all involved.

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Every once in a while we find a log cabin that is worth rebuilding. Let us know what you are looking for; we may have it or can find it. We also have log cabin logs that can be used for replacement logs to complete your cabin or create a new one.